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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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upon her return to >> do you have any idea how they were able to break through the windows? did he open the windows? did he smash the windows? >> we believe he had a device similar to hammer to smash the windows. >> sheriff, so far i've heard a description of the suspect. is this investigation looking into any potential ties, even loose ties to extremist groups or is this a lone wolf? >> we will do that. we will run it down to the very end. but right now at face value, we haven't been able to identify that. >> he checked in on thursday, the 28th to the hotel? >> i believe that's accurate. >> did he have tickets to the continues early? -- concert? >> i have no idea. >> do you know what he's done between the time?
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>> no, we'll have hours and hours of surveillance video to watch with mgm. >> [inaudible] >> the cameras are everywhere, practically everywhere. how did this happen? >> well, i don't understand what you're eluding to, how could it happen? this is a individual described as a lone wolf. i don't know how it could have been prevented if he didn't have any knowledge. it wasn't evident he had weapons in his room. we have determined that there has been employees going to and fro from his room, and nothing nefarious was noticed. at this point, that's what we know now. >> first responders are integral to stopping more deaths. can you describe how you were able to find the suspect? >> you're absolutely correct. so any special event that takes place in the southern nevada region is required by nrs to
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supply police officers to ensure security. the mandalay bay did a great job of hiring police officers. they had sufficient staffing for the concert. and when this individual decided to fire upon the crowd, which was approximately 22,000 individuals, it's very difficult to manage that size crowd. you have to have the proper staffing. as described, our officers responded immediately in congress junction with the fire department, as soon as the fire department arrived, but they were able to identify where the weapon was being discharged from in a proximity. it's hard to tell what floor it is from the outside, but once they gain entry into the hotel in congress junction with security and through phone calls from patron, they were able to cull it down to a possible floor. once they made entry onto the hallway, they immediately knew what room was in question.
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>> there are reports about what exactly happened in the room when squad officers entered, that maybe there was so much smoke from the shells the smoke alarms were going off is. there any truth to that? >> i haven't been told about any smoke alarm, but he had killed himself. we'll have to go through our body camera and existing video whether we engaged him at the same proximate time or not. >> sir, you said you didn't believe this was connected to isis. do you have any motive what we could be looking at? >> no, ma'am, i can't get into the mind of a psychopath at this point. >> sheriff, on the investigation that's going on right now, at the site of the shooting, how extensive is it and what are you talking about as far as what will be shut down while the ballistics do their work? >> we have most of las vegas
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boulevard open. directly adjacent to the mandalay remains closed. we'll ensure we go out to the proper intersections to limit the hindrance of traffic, but we're looking at a minimum of 12 additional hours for documentation of the crime scene and the removal of the bodies. >> do you know about how long he was able to shoot for, and do you know if there was any return fire from officers on the ground in any way? >> new york i'm in the aware of any return fire, nor am i aware of the time line, but we did have swat officers discharge weapons at the room location. >> do you know if these were legally or illegally converted? >> f.b.i. and a.t.f. is helping us with that aspect. >> were the deaths all from the concert, or were there any in the hotel? >> i'm not sure.
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we had people deceased outside the concert area, but it would be hard to make that determination. we have to talk to all those injured individuals to make that assessment. >> how many people who were injured were shot and how many were injured when... >> i don't know. people have been displaced in five separate hospitals. it will require expensive review of that communecation with them to determine that. thank you very much. i appreciate everybody's time, and i appreciate everybody here to the back of me and their support of our police department, and we will keep you regularly updated. i can't give you an exact time line at this point, but we will keep you inform as we receive information. have a great day. thank you. >> that was the same news conference from sheriff ernie lombardi. -- joe lombardo. we know it's now the worst u.s. mass shooting in u.s. history in lfts overnight. a crowd of 23,000 to 24,000
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people attending a country music festival with jason aldean as the headliner. shots rang out after 10:00 last night las vegas time. by the time it was over we now know the death toll is now 58. it is expected to climb because for 500 people remain in five different hospitals, some of them in critical condition. the shooter, as you have heard, is also dead at this time. they believe he committed suicide as police were closing in on him. he had taken a room on the 32nd floor and just opened fire to the crowd below. he is now dead, and they now have custody of his wife. welk we hear conflicting things. some say she's a wife. some say she's a person of interest. but they want to talk to her, and she is out of the country. >> they first thought that she was possibly with him at the hotel, but now they have since rerealized that she's out of the country. coverage of the lfts shoot willing continue throughout the day on your local news on this cbs station. >> before we do that, we want to show you live pictures from las vegas, because as we've heard all morning, all authorities
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have been asking for blood. what they need are blood. we have pictures of people who have lined up to help the victims. this is a photo from the las vegas review journal. it shows a line at a local blood bank that stretched out the door and around the block. they say at this time what they need more than anything is blood. there is a heavy blad loss in this area, over 500 people still in the hospital at this time. >> jammed outside that blood bank, the lines, as you can see, go around the building there. that's in addition to the stories we heard from witnesses this morning about folks helping others try to get out. there or helping protect them. >> what we still don't know as we sit here today is the motive of this shooter. we know he's a 64-year-old white man who lived in a retirement community with no apparent criminal record to speak of. law enforcement officials say he was not on their radar. >> the sheriff describing him as a lone wolf said, "i can't get into the mind of a psychopath" when asked what could have driven him to do this.
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>> coverage will continue here all day. you can also get coverage on cbsn and >> about any mason will anchor the cbs news tonight from las vegas. >> and this has been a special report. our thanks to fran townsend and paul viollis, who have been with us all morning long. i'm gayle king, cbs news, new york. >> for news 24 hours a day, (shorts heard). >> get down, get down. >> it is disturbing to see and hear, people running for cover as birrage of bullets rain down on thousands of concert goers on the las vegas strip there is massacre has now become the deadliest shooting in us history. fifty-eight people are dead more than 500 other injured, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm joe holden, jim is off today. gunshot rang out last night in a outdoor country music festival on the las vegas
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stripment sending tens of thousands of concert goers scrambling for cover. >> police say gunman unleashed hail of guns from the 32nd floor of the bay hotel and casino, right a cents cross the street from the concert, cbs news con spore dent danielle nottingham in las vegas with the latest. >> country music fans took cover when a gunman opened fire on an outdoor music festival in las vegas. >> at first, some people didn't believe it was gunfire. the chaos quickly errupted as victims started falling and other ran for their lives. >> everybody just is running, straight up, and could you see people getting shot and people falling. >> police have identified the gunman as 64 year old steven paddock of mesquite, nevada, perched on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay, shot down on the crowd of about 20,000. smoke from the gunfire in the hotel room reportedly set off
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smoke detectors, and led swat teams to the suspect. >> we believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry. >> police say paddock had been in the vaguest hotel since september 28th, had at least ten rifles with him. he opened fire at country music star jason aldean performed at the end of the route 91 harvest festival. witnesses say the shooter reloaded numerous times. >> every time he had stopped, he was reload, we had gotten upstart dollars making your way through the fence, started sheeting again, we had hit the grounds, i must have heard had him do it 15 times. >> paddock's brother has no idea what could have triggered his brother's rampage. >> i hope someone figures out. we would like to know. >> more than 400 people were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds, and other injuries. police expect the death toll to rise. danielle not nottingham, cbs 3 , "eyewitness news." >> this is the outside of the
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mandalay bay hotel. you can see that missing window on the 32nd floor. police say that is where 64 year old steven paddock was when he opened fire on concert goers located across the street from the mandalay resort. las vegasly say investigators found at least ten rifles in the room. >> joe, now if you are look down on the concert venue from the mandalay bay, you can see, very clearview of the entire festival grounds, short time before this video was shot, concert goers scrambling for their lives. >> this is how other people fled. this is all blood splatter from people being shot and be on top of them basically to get out. we had -- everyone had to fall on top of each other, whether alive or not basically, just to stay down, every time people got up they started shooting t wasn't like -- it was like just kept going. >> this kind of stuff cannot happen in america.
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and as an immigrant, i wish to come -- come to fight for our mercy. this is our country. this is our nation. this is our people. >> and many eyewitnesses have said that when the gunshot began, they actually thought they were hearing fireworks, of course, last vague zest popular tourist destination, so many people out and about, including one man from philadelphia. >> tracking details right now, eyewitness neutral reporter anita o life in the cbs-3 sat centerment spoke short time ago with the local man about what he saw. january eat a, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, that man life-long rest denned of south philadelphia landed in vaguest on friday night. he stayed clothe to the mandalay ban and where the fist val was taking place, describes the frightening sites and sounds. >> pretty obvious that was machine gunfire, and it was just non-stop.
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and just pop pop pop pop one after the other. >> philadelphia attorney in las vegas on vacation, near the hotel sunday night when he heard the gunshot, and witnessed dozens of people running forwards him territory philadelphia international airport. could you see it in their eyes , half second you looked at them, before i turned to run. >> the south philadelphia native sprinted back to his room at the monte carlo hotel, about five blocks away, not knowing specifics at the time. throughout the morning, he learned at least 50 people had been killed and hundreds were injured, after gunman per matched hotel room above the country music festival opened fire onto crowds. >> it is horrifying. to get big group of people like that, a target, horrible person, and you want to do this. >> he says there is still heavy police activity on the strip and praises investigators for quick response overnight. >> i don't know how you stop something like this, but the
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real concern, not only did they finds this guy, they found them incredibly quickly. >> now i also just spoke with another philadelphia resident who was at the las vegas music festival and describes what sounded like unending fireworks going off. she ended up losing her friends in the crowd as they started running to safety reconnecting after 1:00 this morning, on plane right now back to philadelphia, we plan to speak with her when she lands safely. that report likely coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> we heard from him briefly short time ago. let's listen to more from eric paddock the brother of the suspect. >> eric lives in orlando florida. here is some of what he had to say this morning after news reporters were able to track him down. >> we're shocked. i mean, it is like you think it is -- except it came in all five of my phones in the house and everything lit up at the same time. you know, i decided it it was one of my friends joking.
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but, i mean, when you get a phonecall that says your brother, you know, just killed a bunch of people. >> eric says his brother showed no signs of distress or mental illness. and had no religious or political affiliation that he knew of. >> president trump has called the mass shooting in vegas concert being act of pure evil , and ordered flags to be flown at half staff to honor the victims weaning weijia with more from the white house >> president trump addressed the nation this morning about the mass shooting in las vegas hundreds of our fellow citizens are now morning the sudden loss of love loved one. a parent, a child, a brother, or sister, we cannot fathom their pain. we cannot imagine their lost. >> the president thanked the first respond tears their effort. >> the speed speed with whim they acted is miraculous.
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and prevented ford loss of life. >> president trump was first briefed on the shooting shortly after dawn by chief of staff, john kelly. afterward, the president delivered a message on twitter writing. my warmest condolances and sympathy to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. senator chris murphy democrat from connecticut issued a statement calling for stronger gun control laws. this must stop. it is positively inure fighting -- ate that my colleagues are so fried from the gun industry that they pretends there aren't nub responses to them deem i can. president plans to go to vegas on monday. weijia jiang, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> coverage will continue throughout the day here on cbs-3. there will be a special one hour edition of the cbs evening news at 6:30, following the newscast inside edition will air at special time 7:30, inside edition
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anchor jim nor develop will be guest today on "eyewitness news" from five. when the. >> taking a look at this, still looking forecast, sunshine. >> yes, real comfortable start to the morning, certainly cool you had to walk out the door with a sweatshirt no doubt. but really is a beautiful afternoon. that time of year where you need to walk out the door with a spare layer, get rid of it later in the day. kinds of the story for us the next couple of days, too, looking very nice. i want to walk you through a tour hereof some of the area cameras, give awe sense how the afternoon is un folds g again really nice outside. we start thing off with beautiful view here from central park haytaian bring, over looking center is he all nice, clear, not single cloud in any camera that i can finds out there. that will be the case for the next couple of days. high pressure on our side, will stick around for few days looking a-okay, very quiet start to the afternoon, nice afternoon, too. elsewhere we go. we have that really nice and
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flush coming from the brought sun peaking down on the ocean water. thankfully rip countries being has been lifted. looking good if you did in fact want to take a dick, this is one of the beaches that's very, very empty right now outside beach patrol headquarters, in margate, that could again, not once but to be told out there, at degrees, not one cloud, winds is like and right. as i see here, low humidity, with the breitbart sunshine, it will be beautiful afternoon we still have probably good six, 7 degrees, for us here in philadelphia, from where the temperatures stands. storm scan all clear at this hour, high pressure to thank for that. with time, eventually, system will cross through. yes, your eyes do not deceive. that's snow across the front rage of the rockies. we don't have to worry about that. it won't be colds enough for. that will cool front does drop in. that will keep us somewhat level with temperatures beyond the point that we hit even the low 80s, whether this week is
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all said and done. here is the again high pressure in place. allowing for the sunny stretch of days, at least model he is warming trends with each passing day. solo humidity sunshine the story, the morning lows will definitely on the cool side. with high pressure prevailing, that nice solar sun angle will help warm things up, mid 70s today. mid 70s tomorrow. upper 80s come wednesday. we will see the warmth on thursday, but there is a pattern change for that to get underway. end in the meantime, enjoy the good hair days. now, into the afternoon, long, but it is so darn dry outside that it is not even on our comfort index. literally off the charts. it will stay that way low humidity and that comfort we're experiencing right now. so enjoy it, low 70s, upper 60s from philly on south, up in mount pocono, also the comfortable side. maybe extra layer out that way real nice afternoon unfolding
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for everyone. we take a look elsewhere or the rest of the day, expect the high to about 74 degrees, more muster up in the tide. today dropping down seasonable lower 063. that sun going down earlier and earlier with every passing day. looking forward, wall-to-wall sun through wednesday. thursday when the pattern change begins however. that's when we start to see frontal boundery approaching. not real potent one it, comes to moisture connecticut tent, in all-in-all it is somewhat of a lackluster system. another one on it feels into the weekends brings better chance of some rain so that we will be watching for the sort every next big thing. meantime it is just gorgeous outside. enjoy it. >> day for a nice stroll. >> absolutely. >> health expert are saying this year ' flu season could be severe. they encourage people to get their flu shot right now. doctors say it take few weeks for your botalico to build up for the i am un at this, this type of year is encourage
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today get em em ooh nice the are dollars some say it is worth it to keyed the strep from spreading. >> i don't want to pass it onto a toddler, if i get infected i could bring it home to them. >> department of public health want to remind everyone getting the flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu. how much it, will help miami mist your system and cut down on the spread of the virus. >> eagles stand atop the nfc east this noon after billing win out west. >> he is at the 40, the 45, the 50, the 40, the 30, the 15 , the ten, the five, he can't be stopped. >> the man can count them down , the voice of the eagles never dis a sports. merrill reese calling the run, would set up this touchdown run by wendell smallwood. that would proof to be the winning score as the eagles held off the los angeles chargers 26-24.
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led by a big game on the ground. >> running game is really something that we feel comfortable in doing. and we just got to continue to execute it each week. >> we new what woe could do all along, to legar it, some of those runs unbelievable. you know, core had i some nice runs, rendell stepping up. >> the first town -- birds host the cardinals sunday. we are coming right back.
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>> breaking this new the death toll in last vague zest rising after the worse mass shooting in american history. police say 58 people now dead, more than 500 other injured,
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police have not yet determined why 64 year old steven paddock of nevada opened fire on outdoor country music festival before apparently killing himself. the islamic state group has claimed responsible for the attack saying the suspect converted the to islam month ago, but authority say there is no evidence that at this time to support that claim. >> very important details. >> indeed. and the fbi has said as much this afternoon so far. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. for katie all of us here, thanks for watching. >> and "eyewitness news" does continue at 5:00 always on line at >> the young and the restless is next. have a good day.
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